October 2013

Station: Pleasant Valley
Meeting date: Thu, Jun 11 2015
Minutes taken by: Jennifer Broas

The regular monthly meeting of the Board of Fire Commissioners of the Pleasant Valley Fire District was held on Tuesday, October 8th, 2013 at Pleasant Valley Fire District Headquarters, 1619 Main Street.  The meeting was called to order at 1930 hours by C/Albrecht with a salute to the flag.


Commissioners present:           

  •  Commissioner Albrecht
  • Commissioner Johnson
  • Commissioner Harmuth
  • Commissioner McRitchie
  • Commissioner Lamoree
  • District Secretary Jennifer Broas
  • District Treasurer Jayne Murphy


Minutes from the Previous Meeting – Motion by C/Johnson seconded by C/McRitchie to approve the minutes from September 2013, this was passed by all.


Meeting open to the Public – None


Closed Meeting to the Public.



  • Invitation for Bryan Sweeney’s going away party
  • Letter from Ken Luby stating his interest in his name going on the ballot for Fire Commissioner
  • Letter from P/Murphy stating that Pleasant Valley Fire Company has changed the night of the monthly meeting in December to the 12th.
  • Copies of letters from Penflex that were sent to Rita Magurno and Glenn Raymo
  • Return to service notice for Barbara Luby







Bills – Attached is a list of the monthly bills for October 2013 that totaled $149404.40 from the general fund and $2950 for LOSAP.  Motion by C/Lamoree seconded by C/Harmuth to pay the bills if found correct.  This was passed by all.


Committee – Equipment & Apparatus –

  • No report


Monthly Maintenance Report – Report attached


Buildings & Grounds – Station #1

  • C/McRitchie called Cotte about the light out front. 
  • Heat is all set for the winter
  • Roofing company has been called again
  • C/Albrecht made a motion to paint the bay doors red it was seconded by C/McRitchie and all were in favor.
  • FF Murphy ordered 2 new UV filters for the system.  



Building & Grounds – Station #2

  • They are at the dollar limit that they were given.  They do not have to add any electric costs, telephone cost, and cable costs into their total.  They just need to worry about the framing cost.



Insurance Committee –

  • None


Service Award Committee –

  • None, except yearly fee that was received.


Rules & Regulations –

  • Reviewed the Workplace Violence Prevention Policy, C/Albrecht made a motion to accept the policy it was seconded by C/McRitchie and roll call was taken
    • C/Albrecht – aye
    • C/Johnson – aye
    • C/Harmuth – aye
    • C/McRitchie – aye
    • C/Lamoree – aye
    • The policy was approved.
    • We reviewed the Harassment Policy that was sent by Kristen Burke, the Board will review it at next Wednesday’s work shop.


Safety –

  • None


Officer’s Report – Chief of the Department – District Chief Bryan Corns reported the following: No report – Absent


Assistant Chief Station #1 – Wayne Gruntler – 

  • New gym equipment has been donated by a town resident.  In order to make it fit we must take out the 2 closets on the back side of the classroom.  Construction will start tomorrow.  I would also like to add rubber flooring to the room.  I have checked with a gym place it is a 2 ½ week delivery for it to get here.  Go ahead and purchase the flooring since we have already approved the purchase of new equipment that doesn’t to be purchased now.  AC/Gruntler would still like to purchase a few pieces.
  • Received a quote from MES for 3” hose for $3240 there is no charge for stencil; C/Albrecht made the motion to purchase the hose and it was seconded by C/Johnson and all were in favor.
  • I would like to purchase (5) 4 gas meters they are 1 year old someone purchased them and it wasn’t what they wanted, it is a company just like MES but in New Jersey they are $300 each and last year’s model  and we will be getting a 5 station charging bank.  The meters will go on 56-45, 56-11, 56-12, 56-14 and then we will have a spare.  The charging bank will be $   C/Lamoree made a motion to purchase the meters and charging bank this was seconded by C/Harmuth and all were in favor. 


Assistant Chief Station #2 – Matt Cady – Absent (C/Lamoree had a report)

  • Discussion held on a new member that never a physical or arson check, she will be tabled until next month when all paperwork is completed.
  • A discussion was held on the EMT class being paid for a member that wasn’t approved but started the EMT class first.
  • There was a discussion held on arson checks.  There seems to be an issue with the new Detective assigned to do arson checks, he is overwhelmed and we will have to wait.  After the discussion C/Albrecht will contact Sheriff Anderson and find out the solution to this issue.


ESS Captain – Justin Drum – ABSENT


Captain Rescue Squad – Captain Frank Ludwig – Absent (but sent report)

  • Oil change has been completed (it was not as old as stated previously, the sticker on the window did not get replaced)
  • LEDS are still out and still waiting on mud flaps
  • Still waiting on stock room door
  • House watches have been placed on 1426 and 1310 Route 44
  •  I would like to be able to purchase a stretcher catcher it will hold gloves, and O2 bottles, etc.  2 will cost a total of $594.20 C/Lamoree made the motion to purchase them it was seconded by C/Johnson and there was a discussion held on the chain of command and asking for these items as a wish list.  S/Broas will notify Captain Ludwig they were approved but he must go through the chain of command next time.


Municipal Training Officer – Tom Murphy – 

  • OSHA will be held on 10/28 and 10/30 and then a tentative Sunday class will be 11/3
  • Just a reminder that I am in Montour next week, do you want me to take my own car and get reimbursed for mileage or take a pick-up truck?
  • Trevor is doing very well in school.  They have invited the MTO and/or the Chief to come down for a surprise visit.  
  • Would like to look into purchasing a smart TV, please talk to AC/Gruntler.


Unfinished Business

  • Discussion was held on the Board of Elections and the best possible way to handle the use of the firehouses for Election Day.
  • Knox Box is being taken care of.  Programming CD is not here yet.  And DC-911 is creating a tone for it.
  • When is the radio in the station going to be getting fixed?  There was a miscommunication and it is being worked on now.
  • FF/Murphy took pictures of the leak yesterday
  • What is the hold-up with the mailboxes, the rack that was ordered is the wrong one and we can’t seem to figure out what the proper one is.


New Business                                                                                   

  • Rich Berger would like to use the red pickup truck and the trailer to take the hand tub to New Hackensack for the Muster.  That is fine, AC/Gruntler has no issues with that either.
  • C/Albrecht acknowledges that we received the letter from Ken Luby
  • C/McRitchie is waiting to hear back from the guy to wash the blocks
  • C/Harmuth has 2 things from the Rescue Squad
    • They would like to have a fund raiser here where some comes in and purchases any old jewelry.  A discussion was held on this and where they are going to hold this fund raiser, it is ok for them to do it.
    • Discussion was held on physicals.  There is going to be a new form to be filled out for their own personal doctor, but S/Broas has been told that some doctors won’t sign off on it.  We need to figure out a way to make everyone happy with the physicals.
    • Flu shots are available at the monthly physicals, also S/Broas heard that Melissa will be here to do flu clinics, but not sure any of the details.
    • C/Johnson has been to a meeting for the Salt Point Ladies Auxiliary, explained to them that she will be attending their meetings from now.  They would like to know if they can get copies of the Life insurance policy.  S/Broas will see what she can do; they have been given copies previously.
    • C/McRitchie made a motion to purchase a back tracker for SCBA’s for a total of $1791.25, it is handheld and has a charger we will purchase one and see if it works.  C/Lamoree seconded the motion and all were in favor.
    • C/McRitchie would like to send a letter to DOT for a sign and strip to stop the blocking of the driveway.  S/Broas and C/McRitchie will draft a letter.
    • The firehouse program is up and running virtually for S/Broas. 



Open Meeting to the Public – None


Adjournment: There being no other business to be brought before the Board, motion by C/Albrecht seconded by C/Johnson that the meeting be adjourned. This was passed by all.  The meeting was adjourned at 2050 hours.


Respectfully submitted,


Jennifer Broas