Station: Pleasant Valley
Meeting date: Tue, Nov 12 2013
Minutes taken by: Jennifer Broas

The regular monthly meeting of the Board of Fire Commissioners of the Pleasant Valley Fire District was held on Tuesday, November 12th, 2013 at Pleasant Valley Fire District Headquarters, 1619 Main Street.  The meeting was called to order at 1930 hours by C/Albrecht with a salute to the flag.

Commissioners present:            

  • Commissioner Albrecht
  • Commissioner Johnson
  • Commissioner Harmuth
  • Commissioner McRitchie
  • Commissioner Lamoree
  • District Secretary Jennifer Broas
  • District Treasurer Jayne Murphy

Minutes from the Previous Meeting – Motion by C/Johnson seconded by C/Lamoree to approve the minutes from October 2013, with one change pack trackers were purchased last month once this is change it is this was passed by all.

Meeting open to the Public – None

Closed Meeting to the Public.


  • Letter from Rescue Squad regarding their Christmas Party
  • Letter from Rescue Squad regarding the termination of membership
  • Letter from Penflex regarding Glenn Raymo’s and Rita Magurno’s payment
  • Introduction letter from Adirondack Fire Equipment
  • Letter from Royal Carting for price increase
  • Insurance letter regarding Bobby McKenna
  • Letter from Public Employer Risk Mgmt. Association
  • Letter from Rescue Squad regarding membership status



Bills – Attached is a list of the monthly bills for November 2013 that totaled $341822.46 from the general fund and $3210 for LOSAP.  Motion by C/Albrecht seconded by C/McRitchie to pay the bills if found correct.  This was passed by all.


Committee – Equipment & Apparatus –

  • No report

Monthly Maintenance Report – Report attached

Buildings & Grounds – Station #1

  • Addressing the water and well issue
  • The odor is back again
  • Toilet in the men’s room is running constantly
  • Ladies room downstairs will only flush if you are holding down the handle.  Butch has been called and will take care of both of these issues.
  • Can Cotte be called we have some lights that are glowing pink.
  • Painter is going to be here the end of the month.  C/Johnson made a motion for Richard Harris to paint the meeting room, the back hallway and make the minor repairs for a total of $3124.50 that is for labor/materials.  This was seconded by C/Harmuth and all were in favor.
  • Timmy will be here to install the new door on the rescue squad room.


Building & Grounds – Station #2

  • Water pressure issue still.  Is it a plumbing issue itself?
  • Gutters need to be looked at by a gutter pro.  Things have never been replace and there is only a 4” gutter on the north side of the building.  Water is running down the side of the building and into the bricks.  Also, right at the oil tank, which causes an ice buildup.
  • Central Hudson has called and wants to do an electric study.  Cotte will be doing this after the construction is finished.

Insurance Committee –

  • Bobby McKenna’s accident has been reported

Service Award Committee –

  • We will set a grievance date in January


Rules & Regulations –

  • SOG’s there is one more to finish it will be handed in by the next meeting.
  • Final copy of the Violence in the Workplace handed in.


Safety –

  • None



Officer’s Report – Chief of the Department – District Chief Bryan Corns reported the following:

  • Do we have pump test paperwork for the old International Engine that we sold, the Chief has been in contacted with me and he is looking for them?  We sent a lot of the paperwork with the engine we will see what FF Olheiser has on it
  • I have requested a quote for work on the pump on56-55, I never received it that is because it was mailed to the Commissioners.  $6006.18 from Nichols.  C/Lamoree requested that seconded quote be received and if price is good we will get it fixed.


Assistant Chief Station #1 – Wayne Gruntler –

  • No report tonight


Assistant Chief Station #2 – Matt Cady – ABSENT

ESS Captain – Justin Drum – ABSENT


Captain Rescue Squad – Captain Frank Ludwig

  • Any word on Byron Letendre’s driver’s application.  Bob will check with the insurance company tomorrow.
  • Did anyone get a quote from Matt’s, no one has seen it.  Frank will call tomorrow.


Municipal Training Officer – Tom Murphy –

  • Monthly training reports handed in.
  • Fit testing will start Thursday need to get new program from Arlington first


Unfinished Business

  • P/Cady would like to know the status of the phones at station 2.  Superior will be up there with in the week to get the installed.
  • Brien Clark met with FF Murphy and AC/Cady to see what needs to be ordered and it has been taken care.  The wireless has been fixed as well.  FF/Murphy will try and get a date tomorrow when he will have everything taken care of
  • The printing issue should be fixed as of now too.
  • The new sexual harassment class is set for December 5th


New Business                                                                                  

  • Discussion was held on the ladies auxiliary meeting at station 2 the same night as the Department Elections, P/Cady has already spoken to the President
  • C/Harmuth has a question from the Rescue Squad, they are questioning the QA/QI committee, and we will check into the status and report back to them. 
  • Physicals for December are the 2nd.
  • December 13th there is function in the meeting room at station 1 that is requesting to be able to serve alcohol.  C/Albrecht made a motion to allow it and it was seconded by C/McRitchie and all were in favor.
  • Reviewed the list from the Rescue Squad and had a discussion on their right to send out the letter.  C/Lamoree wanted to know why you can’t just join the Rescue Squad it was explained by the Chief that they are just a social club.  S/Broas will send a letter stating they must follow the proper chain of command
  • Sgt. Castano talked about arson checks.  The results will be send via email.  Can put on waiver the email addresses to use.  Or we can send a form letter on January 1st for the whole year.  There should only be a one week turn around.  We receive 400 a year so we try to get them done as soon as possible.  We must receive the original signatures and waiver from applicant to proceed with this.
  • Fire inspection at both stations on December 2, 2013
  • C/Lamoree discussed the meeting on Sunday with officers and senior members to go the grant stuff.  Vendors were contacted today.
  • P/Cady discussed the Department Election Committee, is there an election committee?  The reps from the Departments are the committee.  Here it is again and we have no job descriptions or job duties posted and no qualifications posted on the board for the positions people are running for.  A discussion was held on this.  The duties of all offices are spelled out in the by-laws and rules and regulations.   
  • P/Albrecht approved the alcohol being served at the Rescue Squad party in December.

Open Meeting to the Public – None

Adjournment: There being no other business to be brought before the Board, motion by C/Albrecht seconded by C/Johnson that the meeting be adjourned. This was passed by all.  The meeting was adjourned at 2023 hours.

Respectfully submitted,
Jennifer Broas