January 2017 Monthly Minutes – Board of Fire Commissioners

Station: Pleasant Valley
Meeting date: Wed, Jan 11 2017
Minutes taken by:


            JANUARY 10TH, 2017


The regular monthly meeting of the Board of Fire Commissioners of the Pleasant Valley Fire District was held on Tuesday, January 10th, 2017 Pleasant Valley Fire District Headquarters, 1619 Main Street.  The meeting was called to order at 1930 hours by C/Albrecht with a salute to the flag.


Commissioners present:          Commissioner Albrecht

                                                         Commissioner Johnson

                                                         Commissioner McRitchie

                                                         Commissioner Luby

                                                         Commissioner Rancourt

                                                  District Secretary Jennifer Broas

                                                          District Treasurer Jayne Murphy


Minutes from the Previous Meeting – Motion by C/Luby seconded by C/Rancourt to approve the minutes from December 2016 with the correction, this was passed by all.


Meeting open to the Public – None


Closed Meeting to the Public.



Training report

Letter from the Town regarding snow removal

Letter from Emery and Webb regarding insurance, C/Rancourt will contact them.

Christmas card from Hannigan Law Firm

Veso Documents

Commissioner Training registration

Association of Fire District training documents

Pleasant Valley Ladies Auxiliary Membership list

Penflex Annual Statement



Laura DiFrenza – Station 2 and Rescue Squad.

C/Johnson made a motion to accept the new applicants and it was seconded by C/Luby; all were in favor


Bills – Attached is a list of the monthly bills for January that had a total of $97755.58 from the general fund, motion by C/McRitchie seconded by C/Luby to pay the bills if found correct.  This was passed by all.  A transfer has to be approved for a total of $16,160.00 from various accounts to cover expenses.  Report is attached.


Committee – Equipment & Apparatus –

  • The new 56-14 has 8 or 9 drivers qualified on it already. 
  • 56-55 waiting to meet with a few more vendors.
  • 56-3 has been totaled by the insurance company we are waiting to hear how much we will be getting from them but we will be working on getting the process going for a new vehicle.


Monthly Maintenance Report – Report attached


Buildings & Grounds – Station #1

  • Kitchen hood has been repaired, the belt was bad
  • Working on the gas odor
  • We had our annual fire inspection last week; we need to get carbon monoxide detectors for both stations. 5 will be needed in total.  Fire Inspector Renihan will get the proper information for us. 
  • Davies Hardware gave me a quote of $25 each to replace handles for the outside doors. We need 4 of them in total C/Luby made a motion to purchase 4 handles this was seconded by C/Johnson and all were in favor.
  • Davies Hardware also quoted replacing the Chief Office Door; they will change the old door and install the new door for $735.85.
  • The manholes outside have been looked at.
  • C/Johnson would like to look into have the blinds fixed that are broken.


Buildings & Grounds – Station #2

  • Station 2 voted to clean up the 2 upper storage spaces in the engine bay. They are sure it is all company stuff up there but if they find something that has an inventory tag on it they will let C/Johnson know.
  • Mark Figliozzi has worked on the electric switch
  • Cotte is working on the drop plugs for the apparatus.


Insurance Committee –

  • 56-3 is totaled, will start the process of getting a new vehicle. We should have the replacement value by the end of the week.


Service Award Committee –

  • We have received the annual report to fill out. 
  • Service award meeting to approve points will January 26th at 1830 hours.


Rules & Regulations –

  • Still waiting on feed back


Safety –

  • No Report


Officer’s Report – Chief of the Department – District Chief Ray Broas reported the following:   Was absent but sent report

  • Pleasant Valley Fire District was dispatched to 1245 calls in 2016
  • Can I please have the status of 56-3’s vehicle? It was totaled
  • Can we use the old 56-69 as a Chief Vehicle for 56-3 until we get the old one fixed or a new one? C/Albrecht said that we have to look into have some sort of lettering put on it.
  • Please look over the dry hydrant plans for Main Street.
  • What is the status of the decon tank? Daley’s need to pull it up and look at the seal on it.  Will call them again tomorrow.
  • Plymo Vent system update? Has the track been raised at station 2?  FF Murphy forwarded the information to them today and should know something Wednesday morning.
  • Need to get an estimate for the rear of 56-12; hose cover has severely damaged the rear upper body. The straps have broken off and the straps are flopping around and have really hurt the engine.  Action Canvas should be able to do the work; we will have to take it to him.  Maybe the canvas can be replaced with Velcro.  Someone will get the engine down to him to have it looked at.
  • Can we please review the purchasing system at a work shop to finalize it?
  • FEMA grant information, C/Albrecht has already been in touch with the grant writer. The grant is due February 1st.


1st Assistant Chief – Jeff Hickman

  • Air regulator has been ordered for 56-45, a discussion was had on Sutphen and what they will do to help us with this.
  • 3 sets of the gear went to the career staff, 1 other has been fitted what is going on with the other sets. A discussion was held on this.  They are going to have the current officers look at their gear and make sure there are no expiring sets of gear.  Colin Burgess has expired gear so he will get a new set.  We will need to have gear inspections sooner rather than later this year. 
  • Helmet shields, who usually takes care of this new shields? DC/Broas has already done this in the past we will check with him.
  • Can we pick a date for the Rescue Squad By-Law Meeting? Yes next Wednesday workshop.  They will make sure the important people involved in the by-laws are present.
  • Can the 2 Asst. Chiefs get upgrades on their cell phones? Yes, S/Broas will take care of it for you.
  • A discussion was held on switching the rear tires from the old 56-14 to 56-12. Yes, this can be done they have been looked at
  • Extrication gloves need to be replaced. I have a quote from Garrison for Lion gloves 12 pairs for $342 C/Luby made the motion to purchase the gloves it was seconded by C/Johnson and all were in favor.
  • A discussion was held on cold water gloves. Will get another quote and bring it at the workshop.
  • A discussion was held on the headlights of the engine and the brow lights that need to be added. More information will be gotten on it.


2nd Assistant Chief – Mike Cosenza

  • A meeting is scheduled with the Fire Police on Thursday the 12th


Captain Rescue Squad – John Cassidy – Absent


Municipal Training Officer – Tom Murphy

  • FF Owen’s paperwork for recruit school has been sent in. School is from 2/26 thru 5/11.  It will cost roughly $3000.00
  • Ice Rescue training is scheduled for 1/22 at the Scout Camp it will be hands on.
  • FF Owen’s EMT test is next Thursday and its onsite he will have results that night.
  • I have submitted the paperwork for 2 more CME reimbursement for $600
  • March 10, 11 and 12 is County Weekend can we have permission to send 15 people? C/Albrecht made a motion to send the 15 people and it was seconded by C/Luby.  We will work on the van when it gets closer
  • We have a high number of new members from 2016 I am going to schedule an in house class for the mandatory training. I will be able to have 12-15 people in class.


Unfinished Business

  • 2017 Officers have been approved, C/McRitchie made a motion to accept the officers; it was seconded by C/Luby. A discussion was held on if someone could hold 2 house offices and a line office, the final decision was no.  You can hold one house office and line office.
  • Our domain is paid through October 2017 and Fisch Solutions has all the paperwork on it.
  • P/Cady asked permission for Matt Cady to take his personal vehicle to County Weekend and get paid mileage. Yes that is not a problem we will be down 2 vehicles at the time of the weekend.
  • S/Broas discussed the Fire Advisory Board Approvals for 2017 with the Town.


New Business

  • C/Albrecht made a motion to purchase a new treadmill for the amount of $2620.00 this was seconded by C/Luby all were in favor.
  • Station 2 will be having a fund raiser in April a ham dinner.  They will be having a department movie day on 1/22 bring a cover dish to share.  February 26th will be a Daytona party.
  • A discussion was held on the framing for the member’s only room.
  • Zach Ferris submitted an incident report, he slide off a driveway and hit a tree stump.   C/Albrecht told him thank you for all your effort and help and thank you for submitting the report.
  • C/Johnson said that Salt Point Ladies Aux will be hosting a Penny Social on 4/22 at station 1.
  • P/Cady would like to know if the Commissioners could purchase new furniture for their office, they have always hand me downs.  They have a quote from Hudson Valley Office Furniture for $5019.  Yes they will purchase the furniture but it has to be reimbursed after April money comes in.
  • S/Broas needs executive session for a few matters.



Open Meeting to the Public – None


Adjournment: There being no other regular business to be brought before the Board, motion by C/Albrecht seconded by C/Rancourt that the meeting be adjourned to executive session at 2040 hours for personal matters. 


The regular meeting was re-opened at 2050 by C/Rancourt.  With no more regular business having to come before the Board of Fire Commissioners the meeting is adjourned at 2055 hours by C/McRitchie and it was seconded by C/Rancourt.   This was passed by all. 


Respectfully submitted,

Jennifer Broas