February 2017 Meeting Minutes – Board of Fire Commissioners

Station: Pleasant Valley
Meeting date: Tue, Feb 14 2017
Minutes taken by:


            FEBRUARY 14TH, 2017


The regular monthly meeting of the Board of Fire Commissioners of the Pleasant Valley Fire District was held on Tuesday, February 14th, 2017 Pleasant Valley Fire District Headquarters, 1619 Main Street.  The meeting was called to order at 1930 hours by C/Johnson with a salute to the flag.


Commissioners present:          Commissioner Albrecht – Absent

                                                         Commissioner Johnson

                                                         Commissioner McRitchie

                                                         Commissioner Luby – Absent

                                                         Commissioner Rancourt

                                                  District Secretary Jennifer Broas

                                                         District Treasurer Jayne Murphy


Minutes from the Previous Meeting – Motion by C/McRitchie seconded by C/Rancourt to approve the minutes from January 2017, this was passed by all.


Meeting open to the Public – None


Closed Meeting to the Public.



Training report

Letter from Rescue Squad regarding their annual awards dinner on 3/25/17

Letter from President Murphy regarding alcohol being served at the Chief Dinner on February 17th at station 1

Monthly Meeting report from Station 2

Association of Fire Districts Annual Meeting information

Letter from Dutchess County asking if we would be using the Fire Safety Trailer or Training Center at all.  Need to get a copy of our insurance certificate to them.

Driver application for Chris Curry

Copy of letter P/Murphy sent to Nancy McKenna

Veso paperwork

Central Hudson will be putting a new meter in our building

Martin Sendlewski Architect PC advertising

First District Affairs






Bills – Attached is a list of the monthly bills for February that had a total of $51,755.63 from the general fund, motion by C/McRitchie seconded by C/Rancourt to pay the bills if found correct.  This was passed by all.


Committee – Equipment & Apparatus –

  • 56-14 is at Suthpen East to finish the tool mounting and paint fixes
  • 56-55 committee will be getting the together, they are waiting to hear from a few more vendors


Monthly Maintenance Report – Report attached


Buildings & Grounds – Station #1

  • The catch basin as you come in by the front got caught by the plow. C/McRitchie will take care of this.
  • Down stairs bathroom counter in the ladies room is hanging off the wall, FF Murphy will call Nick DiBlasi to come in and fix it.
  • P/Murphy would like to know if we can put “No Overnight Parking” signs up in the parking lot. A sign needs to go up in front of the old house as well. The people who live in the houses along Quaker Hill seem to be parking in our lots.  This is something we need to discuss with the lawyer and get his opinion before we do anything.
  • Discussion was held on the entrance by Route 44. It appears the damage that this could be the cause of the damage showing up on the apparatus.  C/McRitchie will have someone come in and look at it.  We can’t do anything now except start the process of getting them now.


Buildings & Grounds – Station #2

  • No report


Insurance Committee –

  • Chris Curry Driver Application
  • Discussion held on the replacement of the Chief Car
  • Discussion held on the ambulance.


Service Award Committee –

  • Grievances will be March 6th from 6:30 to 7:30 and the snow date will be March 13th


Rules & Regulations –

  • Still waiting on feedback. Blue ink is changes, red ink is deletion and black ink is staying.


Safety –

  • Bill Geerlings and John Harmuth have been appointed to the position of Safety Officer.


Officer’s Report – Chief of the Department – District Chief Ray Broas reported the following:   

  • Communication between the Chief Staff and Board of Fire Commissioners has been zero can we please work on this.
  • Lion turn out gear is in
  • Plymo Vent System update, we need to review this at a workshop. C/Albrecht has all the information on this.  The current system does not work with the new apparatus.  The salesman will come in for a workshop to review it all with you.
  • The gear washing machine is out of service at station 2. Does anyone know that?  Yes this has been discussed for the last couple of months.  A discussion was held on what to do at this point?  C/McRitchie discussed trying, at for a show special at the Chief Show, he will work on it.


1st Assistant Chief – Jeff Hickman

  • The tires have been switched from the old 14 to 12
  • Update on the Rescue Squad By-laws, they are back in the hands of the Squad
  • Will have a list of members at the workshop we and send letters to so that we can clean up the membership list.
  • Working on getting portables back from old officers, there is a lot of radios with no chargers. AC/Cosenza is working on the inventory for the Fire Police as well.  We will have to order chargers so that all officers have them with the portables.


2nd Assistant Chief – Mike Cosenza – Absent


Captain Rescue Squad – John Cassidy – Absent


Municipal Training Officer – Tom Murphy

  • Will start to get EMT books back next week
  • FF Owens starts Recruit school on 2/25 at 7pm. His work week will be Sunday thru Thursday while in school
  • Commissioner training is March 25th at Union Vale, C/Johnson will be out of town that day
  • County Weekend to rent a van is $449.97 from Enterprise. C/McRitchie made a motion to rent the van and it was seconded by C/Rancourt all were in favor it will be a 12 person van.
  • Discussion was held on setting up CPR Training in house, with the Jones and Bartlett Program. According to Best Practices all members need CPR/AED training.  By setting up this program we will get 10 instructors automatically in house.  Will have more information at the workshop regarding this.  We will still have Kathy Hickman and Zach Ferris for the American Heart Association if it has to be that certification.
  • County weekend discussion, in the past we have had a few issues with no shows, can we have something in writing from the Board that if they don’t show with an acceptable excuse, they will have to pay $145 for the cost of the spot that couldn’t be filled and they are inactive until it is paid. C/McRitchie made a motion that any member who signs up for County weekend and is a no show will be charged the $145 and be made inactive until paid in full this was seconded by C/Johnson and all were in favor.


Unfinished Business

  • Discussion held on the ice rescue gloves. We will make sure the new gloves are at the next training
  • FF Murphy is working on getting a quote together for the new monitor for 56-72, more information will be available at the workshop.


New Business

  • The Mega-Show is this weekend in Long Island, any interest in going?
  • S/Broas gave an update on the January physical list, she will contact TEK to make sure they are notifying her when someone cancels with them.
  • C/McRitchie made a motion to change the monthly workshop to Wednesday February 22, 2017 this month due to the change in physicals this was seconded by C/Johnson and all were in favor.
  • C/Rancourt made a motion to spend $3015 to update the Sonic Fire Wall on all computers this was seconded by C/McRitchie and all were in favor.
  • A discussion was held on the repairs of 56-72 from the accident.  A repair quote was submitted to the insurance for $9040.78.
  • We had a discussion about the purchase of the new chief vehicle, this will be tabled until the workshop when all information is available.
  • DC/Broas will contact Admiral about the time frame he would need to get the new car done.
  • C/Johnson made a motion to send 10 members to the Dutchess County Chief Council dinner this was seconded by C/Rancourt and all were in favor.  The Career Staff will provide fire watch.
  • Yearly Firehouse Software Renewal is March 1st, for $1265.00 the motion was made by C/Johnson and seconded by C/Rancourt to renew the software all were in favor.
  • C/Johnson made a motion to change the name of the investment bank to Key Bank this was seconded by C/McRitchie and all were in favor.



Open Meeting to the Public – None


Adjournment: There being no other regular business to be brought before the Board, motion by C/Johnson seconded by C/Rancourt that the meeting be adjourned. 


Respectfully submitted,

Jennifer Broas