August 2018 Minutes

Station: Pleasant Valley
Meeting date: Tue, Aug 14 2018
Minutes taken by: Jennifer Broas

AUGUST 14TH, 2018

The regular monthly meeting of the Board of Fire Commissioners of the Pleasant Valley Fire District was held on Tuesday, August 14th, 2018 Pleasant Valley Fire District Headquarters, 1619 Main Street. The meeting was called to order at 1930 hours by Chairman Albrecht with a salute to the flag.

Commissioners present: Commissioner Albrecht
Commissioner Johnson
Commissioner McRitchie
Commissioner Luby- Absent
Commissioner Rancourt
District Secretary Jennifer Broas
District Treasurer Jayne Murphy

Minutes from the Previous Meeting – Motion by C/Albrecht seconded by C/Rancourt to approve the minutes from July 2018, this was passed by all; there is a change that C/Albrecht met with the engineer for the mill pump.

Bills – Attached is a list of the monthly bills for August that had a total of $132744.73 from the general fund a motion by C/McRitchie seconded by C/Johnson to pay the bills if found correct after a discussion was held on the bills presented for the month. This was passed by all.

Meeting open to the Public – None

Closed Meeting to the Public.

• A letter from Joey Jones regarding being permitted to drive for the district
• Fire district affairs
• Letter from DC Board of Elections regarding Primary and Election Day at Station 2
• Letter from Mike Henry
• Letter from Evan Palmiotti
• Letter from Salt Point with upcoming events
• Quote from Bastian Lawn and Landscaping
• Arson checks
• Letter from Penflex
• Letter from Rescue Squad regarding fund drive
• Veso information

• S/Broas asked P/Cady what the status was of Aaron Emmett, they will have go to Tek.

Committee – Equipment & Apparatus –
• 56-55 contract is with the attorney
• Ambulance contact has been signed and will be here shortly

Monthly Maintenance Report – Report attached

Buildings & Grounds – Station #1
• Cotte is waiting on parts to fix the lights. 1 breaker is bad and we need new timers
• Arco is fine so we can fix the wall in the foyer

Buildings & Grounds – Station #2
• There is still siding missing above the bay doors since April
• We need to check and see if the gutters need to be cleaned out
• A/C is working great

Insurance Committee –
• Everything is going well
• FF Figliozzi was told to call PV Agency to make an appointment for his life insurance policy.

Service Award Committee –
• Statements have been mailed out except for the addresses I know that are wrong. I am working on getting the proper addresses for the ones I know are wrong.

Rules & Regulations –
• Still working on the changes

Safety –
• None

Officer’s Report – Chief of the Department –reported the following:

District Chief – Jeff Hickman
• Discussion held on gear demo’s that are going on. There will be a live burn drill in September and we are going to try and get 4 sets of gear from each vendor to see how they hold up at the live burn.
• There will also be a EMS work up at the drill
• September will be full steam ahead for meetings, drills and training etc. We took the summer off.

1st Assistant Chief – Mike Cosenza
• No Report

2nd Assistant Chief – Wayne Gruntler
• Absent

Captain Rescue Squad – Brandon Kane
• Discussion held on missing applications, S/Broas explained that the applications are now in the mailbox and it was a hold up with the Arson checks getting approved and the arson checks were just returned last week. A discussion will be had with the interview committee on the other issues.

Municipal Training Officer – Tom Murphy
• The flash simulator will be available for training on 10/6 and 10/7 it will be $100 per person I would like to be able to send 6 people.
• EMT Core class here in the Fall. State is working on lowering the core contact hours. NDP vouchers for all CME participants.
• FF Figliozzi has been through week 4, reports are starting to come out. October 4th is graduation.
• C/Albrecht asked how the Per Diem list is coming each week. FF Murphy explained that a lot of the calls are Sunday night with hours for the week. They do try and let me know as much as possible by Friday if they can.

Unfinished Business
• A/Albrecht made a motion to hire Bastian Lawn and Landscaping for $100.00 a week for both stations this was seconded by C/Johnson
• Engineer is going to write up a plan for both the driveway and the tank the range will be $7600 to 9100 to make the plans and get it bid ready.

New Business
• C/McRitchie made a motion not to exceed $9100 with Fellenzer for the driveway and tank project, C/Rancourt seconded the motion and all were in favor.
• We are days away from having bid packets ready. There is work that will need to be done over there that we will have to take care.
• Dry hydrant updates
New Location will be at the Quarry but it will have to be off O’Halloran Circle
Village Park we still have had no progress at all

Existing locations
Salt Point Dam, need to get material list. October will be replacement time frame and it is preventative maintenance
Gun Club, need to talk to someone over there, pending the events there will be when work can be done
Sherow Rd, trying to relocate top end to pull off, waiting on confirmation
• Can the people on the per diem list go on the insurance? All are already on it. FF Murphy is working on getting going.
• A motion was made by C/Albrecht and seconded by C/Rancourt with all in favor to purchase 3 new radios for a total cost of $4211.19 (this cost includes antenna, hardware, magnetic mic holders). We will send out old radios for preventative maintenance done on them. Need price we don’t want it to exceed $200 to 300 each. New radios are about 1 week out. There was a discussion on the antennas). The magnetic mics are $31.45 each and we would like to start switching over a few at a time.
• We would like to replace the light bar on 56-11 it will be a total of $2500 from Goosetown it will be a Phoenix led with white take down lights. 4 years ago Garrison quoted us $4000.00. Discussion was held on the light bar the current one is old and very dark when driving it is a safety issue. C/Rancourt made a motion to purchase the new light bar it was seconded by C/Johnson and C/McRitchie opposed the purchase, C/Albrecht was in favor it passed 3 to 1.
• C/Albrecht made a motion to purchase a new laptop for S/Broas for a total of $1977 it is the same as she currently has which is 7 years old but it is the updated version, C/McRitchie seconded the motion and it was approved by all.
• A conversation between C/Albrecht and Brien regarding the spam filters on the emails, it is being fixed.
• Dept picnic is September 15th at station 2. A discussion was held on the plans for the day. Lunch will be cooked by the members and a new vendor has to be found for the clams. A caterer will cook dinner.
• The DC 911 Memorial service will be 9/29 at 12:00
• The department memorial will be 10/19 at 1830 hours at station 2.
• 9/30/18 will be a Veterans parade in Poughkeepsie we have been invited to join them.
• Station 2 will be doing a meat raffle, our chicken BBQ will be 11/10, and both are approved.
• The fund drive must be approved by all 3 Presidents before the Board will accept it.
• Eagle Scout project is planned for Station2. 2 benches up against fence, the fence down the property line. Discussion was held on the material. The project will be done Colin Burgess’ son.

Open Meeting to the Public – None

Adjournment: There being no other regular business to be brought before the Board, a motion by C/Albrecht seconded by C/McRitchie that the meeting be adjourned at 2030 hours to executive session; regarding the employment history of 1 individual as it relates to medical. The meeting was reopened at 2120, with no further business the meeting was closed at 2130 by C/Johnson and seconded by C/Albrecht all were in favor.
Respectfully submitted,

Jennifer Broas
District Secretary